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CBSS Expert Group - Baltic 21

The Baltic 21 network provides SD policy and practice through multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral approaches. Initiated by the Prime Ministers of the Baltic Sea countries in 1996, it is a regional expression of the global Agenda 21 adopted by the United Nations Earth Summit. Baltic 21 brings together people who are active in a variety of different sectors, including agriculture, education, energy, forest, industry, tourism, transport and spatial planning to carry out joint actions and cross-sectoral activities.
As of January 2010, Baltic 21 has become an integrated part of CBSS and operates as an expert group.

Recent years have seen a shrinking political interest of national and regional governments in Agenda 21 processes. This development stands in strong contrast to the increased awareness in the need to take for instance action against climate change, energy supply problems and Baltic Sea eutrophication among all BSR member states. It is also not in line with the successes of Baltic 21 in bringing its political agenda to “life” via its new Lighthouse Project policy, which was adopted and implemented ever since 2004.

Nevertheless it has to be noted that in a constantly changing world, a process like Baltic 21 also needs to be under permanent review and possible restructuring as to better serve its declared objective to support the BSR in its move towards being the first model of a EcoRegion world-wide.

Within the EcoRegion project, the necessary background papers and analyses were produced in order to prepare the ground for decisions by Baltic 21 and its members to drive the transnational and national processes forward.
For Baltic 21 Background papers and the Baltic 21 Strategy 2015-2015, please click here.