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Model EcoRegions

Local Governments for Sustainability - ICLEI supported Model EcoRegions to permanently establish an integrated sustainability management using the Aalborg Commitments as reference framework. Regional actions and good practices are linked to a mid- and long-term sustainability strategy that can be regularly monitored and improved based on sustainability indicators.

Steps of the Integrated Sustainabilita Management System

Preparation of Regional Baseline Report, Priority Setting
The so-called Baseline Review resulted in a specific and detailed overview of management and topical needs as well as available expertise ( ‘inventory of knowledge’ / ‘inventory of information needs’ ).

Targets, Good Practice Information Needs, Strategic Programme
Based on the results of the Baseline Review, an individual management development plan was developed by each region. The management development plan included a specific set of concrete sustainable development targets, the region wants to achieve in the coming period. On the basis of own regional work, the training and the exchange of experience with sectors®ions during the partner meetings each region shall prepared or updated its strategic programme, in which it outlines concrete sets of measures, which it wants to implement in order to reach these targets. Each region was supported in this process through a regional training programme carried out by the sub-contracted expert organization ICLEI.

Realisation of a set of concrete SD measures
In addition to the establishment of the SD Management Process, each region started with the realization of a selected set of priority SD measures in which they could integrate experience and new ideas from the exchange process with their fellow model regions as well as integrate experience from good practices collected and assessed by the Baltic 21 sectors.
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Reporting & Evaluation
Each region will carry out a continuous monitoring & evaluation on their own progress made towards sustainable development in order to update their Baseline review and further develop their regional targets and measures.