EcoRegion Conference Approach

The EcoRegion “Conference” Concept

  • Structure and content
  • Flow and dialogue
  • Involvement and collective decision-making

The EcoRegion Conference (that is rather a series of work sessions) is composed of these three main building blocks:

  • Experience exchange / knowledge sharing and development of new good practices (DIALOGUE)
  • Cyclic management model training (TRAIN)
  • Site visits / study tour / excursion (TOUR)

In addition two other activities are essential at each of the Conferences, these are:

  • Business meeting - dialogue on key decisions, practical issues, planning of the project (BM)
  • Steering group meeting - overall coordination (SG)

The structure of the three-day EcoRegion Conference

  • Start with the dialogue sessions - as the building of relations between the partners is the foundation of the project. 
  • Spend one / one and a half days for experience exchange / knowledge sharing and development of new good practices
  • Spend half a day for (formal) training. Training will be provided for different levels of experience, e.g. one group for those patners experienced in the cyclic management model, and one group for the less experienced partners. The training will be carried out as learning processes.
  • The site visits are placed on the last day