Baltic 21 Strategy 2010-2015

Since January 2010, Baltic 21 has become an integrated part of CBSS and now operates as an expert group. Baltic 21 supports CBSS in its long-term priorities and its new project enhanced approach. This is done mainly through continued policy development and dialogue among governments and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region on sustainable development.

In this context, the EcoRegion project has contributed to defining future Baltic 21 actions and it has supported the development of the Baltic 21 Strategy 2010-2015.

To facilitate the development of the Strategy four background papers have been prepared for each of the Baltic 21 strategic areas of cooperation:
The Baltic 21 Strategy was formally adopted by the CBSS Committee of Senior Officials on 26 January 2011. The Strategy calls for several actions. A majority of these actions will be carried out through already on-going Lighthouse projects and the development of new projects and other initiatives.