28.09.2010 — 30.09.2010

5th EcoRegion Conference, Tallinn / Estonia 

The 5th Conference of the EcoRegion project is organized by the project partner city of Tallinn.

Conference main topics:
  • Within the ICLEI training for cyclical management approaches, regional partners will present their progress with implementing sustainable development measures. Also, exchange with sectors will be strengthened.  
  • Partners will be informed on / discuss the promotion of the EcoRegion database. 
  • Partners will have a first brainstorming for defining the structure and content of the project publication "EcoRegion Findings - lessons learned".
  • In a policy session, sectoral partners will further discuss joint initiatives.
  • In a region to region session, regional partners will take next steps for future cooperation.

All participants are invited to a Study tour to the new Tallinn biofuel Cogeneration Heat and Power Plant.