17.05.2011 — 21.05.2011

BUP Conference on Environmental Management Systems, Rogow / Poland

Invitation to a conference on EMS and CSR

We would like to welcome Eco-Region partners and BUP teachers who are interested in and/or deal with Environmental Management Systems in teaching, research or work, to participate in the BUP Conference on Environmental Management Systems which will take place in Rogow, Poland on May 17-21, 2011.

The conference will be arranged by the BUP secretariat at Uppsala University in cooperation with the BUP Polish Center at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland and the Eco-Region project ( in which the Baltic University Programme takes part.

About the conference:
Environmental Management and related systems have with the introduction of ISO standards and certifications become increasingly important in production and economics in all countries. The conference will focus on environmental management in its wider understanding as a systematic approach to improved environmental performance, including Environmental Management Systems, EMS, and related systems, sustainability management, and Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. The more technical side of the conference will touch on Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, and - its less technical side - Life Cycle thinking, as well as eco-design, waste management strategies and the larger concept of Clean Tech or Cleaner technologies. The economic/management parts of the conference will detail on European Union environmental legislation, and the economics of environmental investments. Participants will be offered the Baltic University book and CD series on environmental management ( and different ways to teach this topic will be discussed.
Participants are asked to prepare themselves by looking at how EMS and CRS has been accepted and implemented in their respective countries, as well as finding out if the institutions they work at (universities, municipalities etc) have introduced such a system and if it then has been certified.
All the participants will be given the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge within the area during the conference.

We do hope that the topic and the programme will be of interest for many of our partners and teachers. We have places for 50 participants.
The deadline for applications, which should include a letter of motivation, is 18 April 2011. Please send you application

Cost of participation: All costs during the conference (accommodation, food, and conference costs) will be covered by the Eco- region project. Common transportation by bus will organized from Warsaw to Rogow on 17 May and back on the 21 May.
Travel costs will be covered by the participants themselves.