30.06.2011 — 02.07.2011

EcoRegion pre-event EuroMAB “Landscapes and Forests for People”, Jönköping / Sweden

In co-operation between the Interreg project Ecoregion and the Biosphere Candidate area Östra Vätterbranterna, celebrating “Forests for People” during the UN International Year of Forests, the following program is presented:
  • Thursday, 30th June: Forest and landscape day – is there a need for new landscape management methods?
  • Friday, 1st July: Ecosystem services and ecotourism day – how important are forests for our quality of life?
  • Saturday, 2nd July: Theme excursion day – i.e. bio-cultural heritage and co-management areas
A forest network initiative will be discussed during the EuroMAB conference (, as an answer to the need from different Biosphere Reserve – especially around the Baltic Sea Region – that have started to address the importance of forests for sustainable development. The pre-event will make a base for these discussions and give participants a good view on challenges and solutions for how forests and people could benefit from each other. The program will be out in field as much as possible.