Develop the Baltic Sea Region into the world's first EcoRegion, where economic growth goes hand in hand with environmental integrity and social justice.

Findings and Gdynia Declaration
present lessons learned by all EcoRegion parties and recommendations for future policy actions and programmes.
Recommendations centre around the topics of:
• Integrated management of natural resources
• Access and mobility
• Renewable energy
• Sustainable food systems
• Sustainability in tourism
• Youth, democracy and culture
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The EcoRegion Good Practice Database
provides selected good practices for regional initiatives towards sustainable development, which were already applied. Learn more >>

EcoRegion Perspectives
document experiences and concepts which show how sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region can become a reality. Each issue focuses on a specific sustainability topic: tourism, spatial planning, education, agriculture, transport and energy. Learn more >>
The Project (2009-2011)
Development in the Baltic Sea Region is far from sustainable. Nevertheless, good practices on how to achieve sustainable development exist and building on these the BSR has the potential of becoming the world's first EcoRegion... Learn more >>